Darrin Henein & Stephan Leroux present
"Lastronaut may be the best currently available endless runner for those looking for value."
— TechCrunch
The year is 2015: Mankind has created it's first sentient machine: a humanoid robot. If we only knew what would happen next, we probably could have saved ourselves. Now, we’re abandoning the only planet we’ve ever known.

Lastronaut is a pixel-packed, adrenaline-fueled dash for your life as you run, jump, dodge and fire your way through the machine army, equipped with an arsenal of human and robotic weapons to cause mayhem with. At dawn, as the rest of humanity lifts off in the distance, it’s your mission to reach the last rocket ship leaving Earth. Your life depends on it.

What to expect from Lastronaut:
"The graphics in Lastronaut are stunningly beautiful... I highly recommend checking out Lastronaut if you haven’t already. The game is gorgeous."
— AppAdvice

Darrin Henein

Artwork, Programming & Music

Stephan Leroux